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Electronic Educational Toys For Every Boy

Many toy manufactures now target the instructional value of the toys they produce. Of course, toys have been known to nurture minds while inspiring discovery and pleasure. Here are the top electronic instructional toys for little boys that don't compromise the balance between fun and learning:Introduce the wonders of arithmetic early to a little boy and help nurture a love of numbers. Read More

Top American Made Toys For Girls

With the fighting economy families must spend their hard-earned cash efficiently and smartly. We'd all like to spend on limos, cigars, and fine wines but that isn't so. Also, purchasing American made toys would help boost the economy to a certain degree, it can't do any harm right? There are lots of options for girl’s toys under $50. You do not have to spend a lot to make that special young girl ecstatic.

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Why Girls Dote on Teddy Bears

Cute, lovable and huggable, there is hardly any other toy which matches the sweetness quotient of a Teddy Bear. You may call him Fluffy, Chubby or simply Teddy but no childhood is complete without hugging and sleeping with your favorite bear. And when it comes to girls, even the childhood is not enough to pamper herself with a cuddly bear. It can be Charlie Bears that you received as birthday gift or it might be an old Collectable Bear given by your granny, but the charm of a teddy bear never fades. The soft fur, caring eyes and warm smile is enough to make any girl fall in love with it. Read More

Online Gaming Safety Tips for Parents

Kids love to play video games and without doubt it is their favorite pastime, be it holidays or free time after school. Online gaming trends are growing rapidly and kids enjoy playing against human opponents rather than the offline, computer automated system. Many kind of online games are available which are enjoyable as well as thrilling. With newer versions emerging day-by-day, children play online games which give them an enjoyable experience as they can text chat or communicate in full-fledge with the opponent player. Read More